How to order THE Voyager

How to order the VOYAGER

No time to wait

The tradition of preparing in advance for your trip to eternity has always been there, but it was lost for a while. Now you can rest easy - we have taken care of everything!
How to order the VOYAGER

Here and now

VOYAGER will allow you to embody your personality, emphasize character, reflect the style and create a complete image of a successful man!
This is the last thing your environment will remember!
How to order the VOYAGER

The last one, you need in life

Our clients are people who consistently build their day, month, and life. They have everything under control. They plan the preparation for the journey to eternity in advance. It guarantees peace of mind and frees their environment from many problems and worries.
How to order the VOYAGER

The journey begins

The VOYAGER is like an expensive yacht or a collector's car. Personal design and service are available to you. The richest collection of expensive finishing materials and a wide range of colors allows you to implement the most daring ideas of a successful person!
How to order the VOYAGER

Ahead of its time

VOYAGER is your last and premeditated style: choose what you like and what you love.
Realize your wildest fantasies for a journey into eternity!
How to order the VOYAGER

Traveling in comfort

VOYAGER allows you to choose the most unexpected accessories for your journey into eternity.
Just as the ancient pharaohs prepared for their journey in advance by taking their favorite and most valuable things, you can also choose the world's best "devices" for your trip: from satellite phone and air conditioning to alarm and video surveillance.
How to order the VOYAGER

Order includes

Coffin, Coffin stand (if coffin stand is included in the order), Transport shockproof case (one coffin case and a second coffin case for the coffin stand)
How to order the VOYAGER
How to order
First, choose the coffin model you like on our website. Then place it in the cart and fill in the necessary personal information in the online store. Also, please add a comment to your order and your wishes. After sending your order, we will email you a few questions about the order to agree on the specifications of the order.
How to pay?
After agreeing on the specification of your order, we will send you the contract and invoice for payment, as well as a closed hyperlink to our website for online payment of your order. After payment, you will receive a payment confirmation and an electronic cashier's check to your e-mail.

According to our terms and conditions, payment for your order confirms your unconditional agreement with the terms of the contract, which you will have the opportunity to review before paying the invoice.
Delivery time and payment for delivery
Currently, the standard manufacturing time for a coffin is 90 calendar days from the date of payment.

The company reserves the right to reduce the manufacturing time. If the term will be reduced - we will agree on the changes with the customer.

After informing you that the coffin is ready for shipment, we will send you a shipping specification to send the coffin to your region (country).

Please note that delivery of the coffin is for an extra charge. The cost of delivery depends on the final weight of the coffin and the country of delivery and the selected method of casket delivery (plane, ship, train, car, or combined delivery).

You also have to pay the duty to send the coffin (it depends on the recipient country).

For all issues, we will necessarily agree with the client.
Return policy
Please note that goods and products made according to individual designs or custom orders (coffins and funeral accessories and accessories) can not be returned or exchanged.
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Order your unique coffin design
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