Biodegradable designer coffins (caskets) for cremation and burial


The journey into eternity is now incredible

Closer to heaven

VOYAGER is an amazingly biodegradable design casket (coffin) that looks like a space capsule.
Fabulous shapes and colors.
The journey into eternity is now incredible.

Surround yourself with beauty

We surround ourselves with beautiful things, be it an expensive car, a prestigious house in an exclusive area, a luxury yacht. And when the time comes to think about the last days of his life, there is a desire to beautifully go into eternity.
Meet VOYAGER! The elegant, stylish, and simply beautiful casket (coffin) that will send you to eternity.

Eternity icon

  • Is a relaxed luxury and respectability.
  • Emphasizes the benefits of its owner's status.
  • Is a symbol of success and impeccable style.

Attracts the eyes

The VOYAGER is the most stylish casket (coffin) in the world. Streamlined shapes, inimitable grace of lines, time-tested colors - the ultimate expression of design for the most fashionable people.
The legend was born in the innovation of the future for the evolution of the world ritual industry!

Inspired by the world

The bright colors of the planet inspired us to create the VOYAGER MULTICOLOR series.
Today the RAL palette is available to customers in more than 3000 colors and shades for coloring caskets (coffins).
The casketed (coffin) body can be painted in two different colors (lid and case).
Impress your friends!

Classic is eternal

We present you the VOYAGER WOOD series — specially designed for connoisseurs of classics.
Perfect gloss — perfect shape.
Now the classics look modern!

Magnificence in every flower

Flowers are the pinnacle of divine creation.
We dedicated our creation to women and embodied it in a collection called VOYAGER ONE FLOWERS.

in detail

The production of VOYAGER caskets (coffins) is similar to the production of concert pianos. All stages of our production, from the sketch to the high-tech finishing of the product, ultimately bring to life a real masterpiece bearing the proud name of VOYAGER.

Number 1
in the world*

The VOYAGER is a guarantee of a pleasant journey into eternity.
  • it is beautiful!
  • it's gorgeous!

Respectable elegance

VOYAGER is designed for you and your journey to eternity

For everyone on the planet

The VOYAGER can be equipped with any religious accessories you wish. Your order can be supplemented with design accessories: urns, floor candlesticks, handmade cushions, and blankets — especially designed for VOYAGER coffins.

VOYAGER can wait

VOYAGER is available to order today! You can order your model in the funeral home of your city or on our website. The term of production of your model is from 30 to 90 calendar days from the date of payment.