biodegradable coffins (caskets) for cremation and burial
for fashionable people

The VOYAGER coffin —
a dreamer

The neoclassical model of the coffin for Dreamers and their incredible journeys into eternity
The VOYAGER DREAMER casket is designed for people who appreciate the elegance and tranquil colors!

Relaxed luxury and respectability!
Coffin stand
Made of treated wood
Finishing with gold, gems, exotic materials
Exclusive design and finishing
For all religions
Personalized service
For people
For Animals
3000 colors

Materials for internal finishing of the coffin (casket):

Natural leather
The leather of reptiles and exotic animals
Elite textiles
The fur of exotic animals

Feathers of exotic birds

Exotic wood species

24K gold



Designer lace

Pearl and nacre

Bohemian glass, Venetian glass, Crystal