VOYAGER One Original

  • The exterior finish of the coffin body depends on the chosen model (single-color or modular coloring in 2-3 colors);
  • The interior decoration of the coffin depends on the chosen model and can be made of genuine leather, textiles, or combined materials;
  • Some models can be decorated (elements) with precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, and crystals, as well as other exotic finishes at the request of the customer;
  • The standard order includes A coffin, a designer coffin stand, and a shockproof transport case for transporting the coffin to the buyer. Also, the order can be completed with a designer bedspread for the coffin and a designer pillow;
  • The production time of the coffin for today is 30-90 working days from the date of payment;
  • Prepayment: 100%;
  • Delivery: The cost of delivery is calculated and paid additionally;

*This offer is not a public offer and is informational.
**The specified value of the goods is not final.
***The buyer pays the customs duties on his own upon receipt of the order in the country of receipt of the cargo.
****Goods for cremation and burial are not subject to exchange and return by the seller's rules and the legislation of the manufacturer's country.